Helix Molecular Solutions

Almost all aspects of life are engineered at the molecular level (Francis Crick, 1988)


Company Profile

DNA analysis for research, conservation and environmental impact assessment

Helix Molecular Solutions Pty Ltd is a specialist genetics consultancy, providing a wide range of DNA sequencing and analysis services.

Helix was formed in 2010 as a sister company to, and joint initiative with, Biota Environmental Sciences. The two firms share a similar collaborative and rigorous approach to applied biological assessments.



Helix undertakes mitochondrial and nuclear DNA studies of wildlife populations. The scope of our work includes applied projects for environmental impact assessments and conservation assessments of threatened fauna, in addition to forensic and quarantine sample analysis.


We ensure the highest standard of sample management and analysis. Our services include:

  • Phylogenetic studies

  • DNA barcoding

  • Wildlife forensics

  • Quarantine sample analysis

  • Environmental DNA analysis (eDNA)


Example Projects




Dr Zöe Hamilton

Senior Zoologist/Geneticist

In addition to a decade of field ecology, Zöe has a PhD on the phylogenetics of short range endemic land snails in the Pilbara region. She has also worked extensively on the genetics of subterranean fauna and other SRE taxa, and is familiar with current analysis methods.


Yvette Hitchen

Laboratory Manager

Yvette has been Helix's laboratory manager for 10 years. Her technical excellence in the development of assays, attention to detail, and meticulous sample management, have delivered high quality data for many clients.

Scientific Advisors


Dr Terrie Finston

Terrie has worked as a post-doctoral research fellow at the University of Western Australia, studying genetic variation in stygal amphipods, before taking a position as an Associate Professor researching molecular systematics of subterranean fauna.


Dr Oliver Berry

Olly completed a PhD on the conservation genetics and spatial ecology of endangered reptiles. He has since worked in a range of genetics fields, including non-invasive DNA analysis of wildlife and the population genetics of invasive species.


Dr Jason Kennington

Jason's PhD was on the population genetics of an endangered eucalypt, and he was appointed a post-doctoral Research Fellow in the United Kingdom. He now oversees the University of Western Australia Biological Sciences genetics curriculum.


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